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2006 Overall Club Member Standings
[View Overall Standings]
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Chris Press (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 710 points
35 total fish caught. Weighing 69.99 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.00 Lunker Win(s): 3

Michael Kaminskas (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 607 points
39 total fish caught. Weighing 76.67 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.97 Lunker Win(s): 1

Tim Dafick (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 603 points
31 total fish caught. Weighing 62.71 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.02 Lunker Win(s): 2

Edward Manjikian (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 583 points
30 total fish caught. Weighing 53.60 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.79

Dave Burket (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 578 points
29 total fish caught. Weighing 61.68 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.13 Lunker Win(s): 1

Tom Cusmano (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 487 points
19 total fish caught. Weighing 36.89 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.94 Lunker Win(s): 1

Pat Harrigan (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 479 points
29 total fish caught. Weighing 58.06 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.00 Lunker Win(s): 1

John Radamski (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 413 points
23 total fish caught. Weighing 50.73 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.21

Joe Kraft (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 376 points
20 total fish caught. Weighing 33.96 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.70

Joe Studier (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 326 points
11 total fish caught. Weighing 26.67 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.42 Lunker Win(s): 3

Rich McCrone (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 317 points
21 total fish caught. Weighing 34.15 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.63

Andy Konca (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 306 points
15 total fish caught. Weighing 27.96 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.86

Bruce Sax (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 290 points
9 total fish caught. Weighing 12.90 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.43

Richard A Favire Jr (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 269 points
11 total fish caught. Weighing 25.19 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.29

Randy Baran (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 267 points
14 total fish caught. Weighing 22.70 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.62

Mike Burkepile (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 263 points
14 total fish caught. Weighing 25.24 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.80

Thomas Fariello (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 262 points
16 total fish caught. Weighing 38.06 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.38

Patrick Childs (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 241 points
16 total fish caught. Weighing 24.58 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.54

Tom Cusmano Sr (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 234 points
13 total fish caught. Weighing 30.56 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.35

Peter Wulfekotte (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 196 points
17 total fish caught. Weighing 32.60 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.92

Geoff Wagner (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 194 points
6 total fish caught. Weighing 11.07 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.84

Bob Distefano (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 190 points
9 total fish caught. Weighing 15.52 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.72 Lunker Win(s): 1

Jim Rossell (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 186 points
14 total fish caught. Weighing 23.05 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.65

Mike Kuybida (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 181 points
6 total fish caught. Weighing 13.17 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.19

Andrew Finkel (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 170 points
7 total fish caught. Weighing 10.51 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.50

Rich McCrone III (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 158 points
11 total fish caught. Weighing 25.72 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.34

Rich Castellano (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 147 points
13 total fish caught. Weighing 22.78 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.75 Lunker Win(s): 1

John Daut (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 136 points
9 total fish caught. Weighing 15.87 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.76

Ryan Sax (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 118 points
4 total fish caught. Weighing 10.91 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.73 Lunker Win(s): 1

Bill Koenigsmark (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 111 points
12 total fish caught. Weighing 21.36 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.78 Lunker Win(s): 1

John Carey (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 81 points
4 total fish caught. Weighing 10.39 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.60

Stephen Carey (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 71 points
5 total fish caught. Weighing 7.01 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.40

Lou Fariello (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 60 points
2 total fish caught. Weighing 8.86 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 4.43

Jon Newman (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 50 points
4 total fish caught. Weighing 3.96 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 0.99

Greg Jude (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 49 points
2 total fish caught. Weighing 6.35 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 3.17

Jim Tracey (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 42 points
1 total fish caught. Weighing 3.77 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 3.77

All other Members Have No Results
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