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2005 Overall Club Member Standings
[View Overall Standings]
Select a year [2004]  [2005]  [2006]  [2007]  [2008]  [2009]  [2010]  [2011]  [2012]  [2013]  [2014]  [2015]  [2016]  [2017]  

John Radamski (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 635 points
38 total fish caught. Weighing 78.95 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.08 Lunker Win(s): 3

Dave Burket (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 613 points
38 total fish caught. Weighing 73.09 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.92 Lunker Win(s): 2

Tom Cusmano (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 564 points
21 total fish caught. Weighing 46.63 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.22 Lunker Win(s): 1

Joe Kraft (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 466 points
18 total fish caught. Weighing 37.52 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.08

Bruce Sax (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 437 points
17 total fish caught. Weighing 29.99 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.76

Rich McCrone (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 431 points
19 total fish caught. Weighing 31.54 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.66

Thomas Fariello (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 425 points
27 total fish caught. Weighing 49.41 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.83 Lunker Win(s): 2

Michael Kaminskas (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 413 points
20 total fish caught. Weighing 35.43 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.77 Lunker Win(s): 1

Andy Konca (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 360 points
13 total fish caught. Weighing 27.86 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.14 Lunker Win(s): 1

Edward Manjikian (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 337 points
23 total fish caught. Weighing 38.64 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.68

Jim Rossell (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 324 points
24 total fish caught. Weighing 38.00 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.58

Jim Tracey (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 313 points
15 total fish caught. Weighing 31.06 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.07

John Daut (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 231 points
10 total fish caught. Weighing 16.02 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.60

Bill Koenigsmark (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 213 points
8 total fish caught. Weighing 17.28 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.16 Lunker Win(s): 1

Jason Tuttas (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 212 points
7 total fish caught. Weighing 17.79 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.54 Lunker Win(s): 1

Peter Wulfekotte (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 210 points
13 total fish caught. Weighing 26.30 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.02 Lunker Win(s): 1

Patrick Childs (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 209 points
7 total fish caught. Weighing 10.19 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.46

Chris Press (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 204 points
12 total fish caught. Weighing 17.20 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.43

George D'Andrade (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 202 points
12 total fish caught. Weighing 15.31 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.28

Rich McCrone III (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 199 points
5 total fish caught. Weighing 10.45 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.09

John Carey (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 197 points
11 total fish caught. Weighing 23.88 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.17

Tom Cusmano Sr (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 176 points
7 total fish caught. Weighing 12.23 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.75 Lunker Win(s): 1

Rich Castellano (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 165 points
11 total fish caught. Weighing 22.61 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.06

Geoff Wagner (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 157 points
5 total fish caught. Weighing 8.52 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.70

Stephen Carey (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 149 points
3 total fish caught. Weighing 7.86 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.62 Lunker Win(s): 1

Bob Distefano (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 110 points
8 total fish caught. Weighing 17.74 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.22

Richard A Favire Jr (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 109 points
5 total fish caught. Weighing 7.33 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.47

Randy Baran (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 82 points
3 total fish caught. Weighing 3.30 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.10

Ryan Sax (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 75 points
2 total fish caught. Weighing 2.91 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.46

Phil Peroni (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 55 points
2 total fish caught. Weighing 4.32 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 2.16

Doug Harris (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 48 points
2 total fish caught. Weighing 3.52 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.76

Lou Fariello (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 46 points
3 total fish caught. Weighing 3.30 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.10

Mike Kuybida (View Member Stats)
Total Points: 42 points
1 total fish caught. Weighing 1.25 lbs
Avg. Fish Weight 1.25

All other Members Have No Results
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